too much HOUSE is bad for you

that’s it. no more house for me and lui (well maybe until we get over the trauma of today)

it all started when, after body combat and 30 mins in treadmill, i saw lui’s shirt had blood on it! blood! oh my f-ing sh*t!!! he had blood at both sides of his front shirt and on the back as well. i was in total shock. i demanded that he rush to the locker and see what’s bleeding…

the time i waited for him outside the locker room was sheer hell. my imagination was running wild. a specific episode of house – where the patient perspired blood- kept running through my head. ghad… it wasnt the best thing to think about but i just couldnt seem to help myself. (apparently lui thought of the same thing and it scared him to death!)

after some time (thanks lui for making me wait in agony) lui came out of the locker room with a pained look on his face… apparently the blood came from his nipples

ghak. nightmare talaga. i was in total shock and was a nervous wreck. we immediately aborted all plans of pushing some weights and headed home ASAP. on our way home we were thinking of every possible thing that can happen… (we even decided that lui will have to go back to the phils asap to have some more tests done) blame it on dr house. argh

so eventually we arrived at our doctor-next-door’s clinic… (the laughing hienna – coz he laughs at every illness) so we were there and i started by telling him that we went to the gym earlier (he laughs) and we noticed that lui’s nipple were bleeding (he laughs again). lui and i couldnt understand what was so funny… until he asked us “did you run on th treadmill?” we were like “yah…” and then you know what he did? yup he laughed again.

so what’s the prognosis? apparently, nipple bleeding is a normal fiasco (if i may call it that) and it happens mostly to male runners. apparently too much friction will give you bloody nipples. arghh…

but im glad that we finally know what happened and that there’s nothing internally wrong with lui. i really THANK GOD for that.

what a day… stress na nga weekdays… stress pa din weekend ko! tsk.

love you pa-b!!!

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