in search for the dress

i just realized that you’re lucky if you’re invited to a wedding as part of the entourage. coz you dont need to worry about your dress! (except for the design of the dress na lang hahahaha)

you see… I am attending 3 weddings from december to may (not that i’m complaining ha) and im having problems finding the right dresses! 3 different dresses!!!

why 3? well aside from different kinds of weddings (one is a beach wedding!), two weddings have almost the same crowd (wont look good if i wear the same dress will it?). sighs. gastos!

niko and i are drawing plans where he would create a gown for me to wear to one of the weddings and re-create the same gown so that it will look different enough that i can wear to another wedding. gets nyo hahaha…. but we’ll see how that goes.

oh well, at least im looking forward to shopping for a bora dress hehe

2 thoughts on “in search for the dress

  1. Hi, passed by your blog via Veluz’s. Anyway, a few months back I had to attend a wedding in Pinas. I was able to find a reasonably priced dress to wear at the Daniel Yam store in Wisma, Orchard. Aby

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