parokya is the best evah!!!

just came back from parokya’s concert here in singapore and i still have the best hang over (from too much parokya). all the way back from clarke quay i keep gushing about them to lui. i kept singing their songs and keep laughing at the same funny moment over and over. lol. lui thought i was drunk. but im not!!! i just have this adrenaline rush that i cant get rid of. they are sooooooo incredible! i loved every moment of it!!! plus it doesn’t hurt that we got the best seats everrrr!! woot woot!!!

ill post the videos soon! sorry – not so good quality coz i used my e71 lang. cresta!!! post pics asap! lol

i must say it’s the most sulit 50 bucks i ever spent!!!!

One thought on “parokya is the best evah!!!

  1. hi kendz! i just updated my blog link from to pa-update na lang ha. thanks!

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