travel plans

obviously, lui and i love to travel and we can’t seem to stop coming up with places that we just HAVE TO visit 🙂

since we got together in 2005, so far, these are the places we’ve been to: (in no particular order)
1. puerto galera

2. nurture spa (tagaytay)

3. nasugbu batangas

4. villa escudero

5. xiamen – china

6. el nido – palawan

7. cebu

8. bohol

9. davao

10. hong kong

11. malacca – malaysia

12. singapore (where we are now)

13. bintan – indonesia

and the places we want to visit soon are:
1. australia: sydney, melbourne, gold coast etc – big bang for next year
2. boracay – going in december!
3. laoag / vigan / pagudpud – going for our anniversary :p
4. US – probably 2010 hehe
5. vietnam – 2008 pwede pa ba?? hmmm
6. cambodia
7. redang malaysia
8. camsur
9. thailand – phuket / bangkok
10. bali indonesia

and many many more… hay if only i can travel everyday!

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