tampines swimming complex

last sat, lui and i were supposed to go jogging in the morning, but as soon as stepped outside, the rain started to drop. so instead of wasting the effort of waking up early, we decided to finally visit the swimming complex. :p

flashback: couple of months ago, i told lui that i want to start swimming again. aside from helping me lose weight, i know it will help me tone my muscles… but after that day, we never had the chance to go! hahaha i even bought a suit! but never used it until last saturday.

what i saw pleased me! the swimming complex was huge with 2 olympic sized pools and 2 other smaller pools for kids. the locker was (amazingly) clean and HUGE!!! i loved it… it erased all my anxiety of trying public pools. (trauma na ata sa pinas)

i swam total of 5 laps. man, was i out of shape! my lungs were burning, my arms were aching, my thigh was going numb. but all in all it had been great! managed to teach lui how to basic swim! 😀

so will i go back? DEFINITELY!

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