today has really been a hectic and very depressing day…

for one, my work sucks… i mean, i can deal with the stress of my work – the overtime, the juggling of two to three (or sometimes 10) clients at a time, etc etc what i can’t deal with is clients who are sooooooooo f*cked up that they’d do anything to make your life miserable. shet tlaga. for the first time since i joined my present company, i stormed my partner’s room and literally ranted about our client. i wont let the client give my partner the impression that im inept. i just wont have it. i was so pissed that i really felt that i was having a heart attack. my heart was palpitating and i had a hard time breathing…. good thing my partner is understanding. (i hope he meant what he said). but i was really near to tears when i was ranting in his office. i couldnt even sit down. sighs….

second, my tax assessment just came. just when i was getting used to the thought that it will never come. it comes and haunt me 😦 at least the tax rate here is around 10% – 12% lang. not as bad as phils.

third, my laptop is acting up on me. i’ve been meaning to bring it to the service center but we keep procrastinating. i really think we need to bring it to HP this weekend 😦 i’ve been using lui’s laptop for the past week na.

they say good things come in threes. i hope it’s the same way with bad things. i hope nothing else comes along…. hay…

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