leaving on a jet plane…

exagerrated i know 🙂

im just ECSTATIC that im finally going back to the phils after almost 9 whole months. the last time i went back was last january pa, for the wedding… as compared to last year, which saw me flying home almost every 2 months!!!

so we’re finally heading home on the 30th of aug then flying straight to davao the following day. 🙂 it’s going to be a hectic but fun-filled week for us!

aside from that, i’ve booked our flights home for december na din! via SINGAPORE AIRLINES. woot… hahaha first time for me. i did a comparison between PAL and SQ and it turned out the later was cheaper. (cebu pacific is no longer an option for us. no way…)

at first we were contemplating on staying in SG because of the steep flight tickets as well as the fact that we’re going back in January for our anniversary anyway (bora baby! sa wakas. hahaha) but christmas and new year is still best spent with family and loved ones. no one can convince me otherwise.

so yah, im taking out my dancing shoes and dancing to my happy tune 🙂 because…


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