voice mail and people

i had 4 unheard messages in my voice mail today (yes, i am bad at retrieving messages). as i was listening to the messages, i realized that diff people leave diff kinds of messages.

for example… the first message was from an unknown person who left a useless message on my phone. i literally had to wait for around 5 mins to hear the whole message which consisted of nothing but background sound (i think the person left the phone hangging, but who would do that?!). this shows me that the person who did that is completely clueless. hehe or just too busy to be bothered with putting down the phone 🙂

the second and third messages were from my mom. she’s so cute. hahaha she sounds so fierce in the messages. she left a very short and straight to the point message: “candy, text ka pag available ka na. ako tawag” o diva? no his or hellos. hehehe i think she’s too shy to leave a message 🙂 that’s why she said everything in haste. that’s my mom, she’s really the shy type (kuno! hehe)

the fourth message was from my dad. complete opposite of my mom. he’s so used to talking to a voice machine (maybe because i keep ‘missing’ his calls) hehehe. his was a long message saying something like i should give him a miss call when i get the message and he’ll call me and we can catch up. it just shows how confident my dad is. somehow, im lucky i got that trait from him (i hope yun lang hehe)

wala lang. obviously, i have no better things to do or blog about. i’ve been deported to woodlands for 3 weeks without any access to the outside world (read: internet) buti na lang im back at the ofc! 🙂

yun lang… nothing much to say. my head hurts. im just waiting for lui to come home. nyt!

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