so whats been happening?

havent posted a decent blog for some time now… hehe… so wat happened since? and wats up and coming?

1. i started my yoga class! 2 days in a row… so far so good…

2. im going on a diet. again… i really need to lose weight. I KNOW i gained weight.

3. i still havent posted our 2nd shoot with my housemates and our HK trip pictures (argghhh)

4. i got a new phone 😀 i was looking at this phone last sunday at Best Denki and told Lui that I really really want to get the nokia 6500 but dont have the money yet (i told him im waiting for my bonus)… the following day, when i got home, as soon as i opened my drawer, there it was… neatly placed on top of my clothes… my new nokia 6500classic in gold! with a matching note:
“Hi ma-b!!! I love you so much!!! – Lui (Pa-b)” o diva?! sweetness?! 😀

5. my sis is driving me nuts… she’s supposed to come to singapore to work and so far, i still cant understand if she’s really coming or not… talk about fickle-minded. hay… anyway, i wont decide on anything until the plane tickets are booked and paid for.

6. watched indiana, narnia and sex and the city… i love the three of them!!! but SATC is the best!!!!!! i dont mind watching it again (ehem ehem mitch)

7. i got out of this very long project that i really really didnt want to be part of… but bad side, i get three clients instead of that one LONGGGG project. oh well… 🙂

8. my good friend and partner in crime (when i was in pwc) is coming to Singapore! 😀 hehe emong, mag emcee pa kaya ulit tayo? 🙂 woot woot! im soooo excited!!!

9. we’ve finally issued our cheques for our condo… now this is the part where it gets nasty. hehe the monthly downpayments. kaya namin to! go go go! 😀

10. somebody is coming to singapore in september!! woo-ey! 😀 oo ian ikaw yun! 😀

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