ay naku po!!!!

warning: this blog may cause you to lose your appetite… medyo kadiri. not for the faint-hearted

oki ‘nuf warning..

bad trip!!! i dont know why the ladies’ toilet here in singapore always smell like poop!!! especially early morning and after lunchtime. the safest time for me to go in the toilet is when the ‘auntie’ puts up the ‘cleaning in progress’ sign. wahhh

omg… di ko na kaya… i went in and i felt like puking. my gosh! ano ba. why cant they take their business somewhere else. since i really really need to go, i had to pull my shirt up to cover my nose… yes, it is THAT BAD.

kadiri tlaga… arghhh… im sick of smelling other people’s poop! i need a gas mask or something!!!! wahhh!!! oohhh!! did i forget to tell you the mess they leave behind?! arggh!!!!

(sorry… sabi sa inyo kadiri e)

One thought on “ay naku po!!!!

  1. eeewww!!!i totally agree with you! and to think ha, nagtatrabaho ka sa **** na puros professionals pero ganun ang asal ahaha. i think normal lang saknila ung mag no. 2 in the morning and after lunch.which reminds me, kanina nga nung nagCR ako e naririnig ko pa sa kabilang cubicle na bumabagsak ung jebs nya sa toilet bowl. eeewww!!

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