can i just?!

okay… i stole the title from clarice’s blog hehehe. pero can i just rant?!!!!!!

sh*t talaga im so pissed off. and minsan lang ako magalit talaga…

here’s the scenario:

april – i got our SP bill and paid it through internet banking on april 21.
may 5 – i got the SP bill for the month of april. guess what?!

the bill still includes the total amount billed last month. so for example, 200 yung last month tapos 300 this month, 500 ang nakareflect sa bill naman. so medyo muntik lang naman ako himatayin no…

since i got in late na around 8pm, all the call centers for SP services and HSBC were already closed. so i had to wait for morning to come. but i already updated my housemates and they were being optimistic telling me nahuli lang daw ang processing ng SP. so fine.

this morning at around 8:30 am, i called up SP. i informed them of our situation and asked them if they received the payment. the guy i talked to said NO. NO payment was received. okay fine… i was still okay. then i called up hsbc next… they on the other hand, informed me that payment has been made and “how can SP say that payment was not made when in fact it has left hsbc singapore” heller how would i know. i dont freaking own their system! (kelangan ma-audit yang system nila palpak!!!!!!)

soooo i called up SP again and they again told me that the last payment received was last march… arggghhh they wanted me to go down and show them my bank statment. ano sila hilo?! may trabaho kaya ako no…. sabi ko the best i can do was to send the email to them with a screenshot of my statement (buti na lang i did this last night). fine daw. (leche tlaga)

since i dont have internet access here in client (im in the airport btw), i had to call my friend che to send the email to sp. (i sent them the bank statement last night to prove to them na i paid. I PAID! shet. f*ck SP tlaga!!! causing me all this stress) pakshet!!!

anyway, so the email has been sent out. im now just waiting for their call. hopefully. HOPEFULLY they resolve the problem.

this is the very first time i encountered any problem using internet banking in my two years stay in singapore. shet it just changed my whole perception of singapore. (you’re not perfect!!!) arggghhh talaga.

sorry super long ranting na to. im just so pissed. i was shouting at the SP customer service person na nga e. and i was tearing up when i called che. as in sobrang bad trip ako.

yun lang po. thanks sa pag basa 😦

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