Unifair – Recommended
$$ for 200 pieces

I did not consider other invitation makers because we wanted cheap ones lang that is tried and tested na.

Honestly, we have a love and hate relationship with Unifair…

The invitations were nice. Simple yet elegant… We wanted a simple invitation lang naman. Something that is timeless… And I think we got what we wanted. I don’t have anything bad to say about the invitation except for the fact that some of the invites are a bit dirty – smudges here and there. My friend said di naman halata and OC lang tlaga ako… Well, for me kasi it’s the invitation… it’s the first glance that the guests will have of you wedding so it has to be nice… kahit di expensive. Oh well.

But we love the envelopes! It was simple… but they put a red “double happiness” chinese character in the envelopes which was very very nice.

They also let us request for as many envelope as we need. Medyo nagloko kasi yung printer namin and maraming nasayang na envelopes! We even had to buy a new printer on new year day just to print the names in the envelopes nicely…

And the best thing about Unifair is that their invites are cheap! We got ours for P60 each… this P60 includes the invitation, rsvp card and map.

The map… sigh… the map. I am sooo frustrated and disappointed with the map… hayyy… I showed it to Clarice and napailing lang din cya… it just shows MOA, SOJ and 1Esplanade. It doesn’t even have a Macapagal Highway written anywhere!!! Meron EDSA, Buendia and Roxas but no macapagal. Arghh.. and to think I sent them 2 maps that are really really nice. 😦

Unifair gave us a lot of stress din. They were only able to give us our invitations mga first week of January na! e we weren’t in Manila na that time so we had to coerce our family to distribute the invites for us! Why it took so long, I have no idea… We gave the list of entou and PS to Clarice in October. And I think she gave the list to Unifair in November. Unifair emailed us the first draft mga first week of December… this was after a fellow wawie (Cathee) called them up to followup on the draft invite.

I admit, there were a lot of errors in the names that we initially submitted to them. But how can the proofing take so long? It took almost an entire month to finalize the invitation! There was one time I sent the changes on a Sunday and they were only able to give the revised draft on a Friday na! one whole week just to change a letter in the name?

In the end we had to go to unifair to talk to them personally. Good thing Erwin was there. He was the one who pushed Shirley to have our invites printed…

They had so many excuses before we got the invitation though – like printer broke down, person in charge of printing not around blah blah blah…

It was my first time to send a very demanding and somewhat rude email to a supplier… I just couldn’t take it anymore…

Sighhh… but im still recommending them because they’re cheap and a lot of people said our invitations are nice (buti na lang!!!)

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One thought on “Unifair

  1. hi candy,what size was your invite from unifair which costs you Php60 per invite? 8×8 or 6×6? i am scouting around for an invite supplier. thanks.

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