Entourage gowns:
Farley – Highly Recommended
$ (for all gowns – 8 adult females and 4 flowergirls)

Farley was strongly recommended to me by Clarice when we were looking for an entou gown maker… as much as i wanted to get Veluz, we just couldn’t afford it 😦

I like farley’s work. pulido… and i like the fact that we didnt have much prob during the fitting… ang galng nya dun! as in the measurements were correct (except for those na pumayat talaga). but the rest, wala na masyadong adjustments! so di kami nagkaproblema.

ang di ko lang nagustuhan is medyo malayo yung nasa isip ko na designs versus dun sa actual gowns… pero i understand. kasi kami lang nagusap ni clarice regarding design… tapos yung pictures na binigay pa sa kanya, not the exact design… meaning i wanted to change this and this and this… hehe so siguro nahirapan magvisualize si farley hehehe…

but for the cost of each gown, i can truly say, oki na cya… maganda na 🙂 sulit… hehehe saka hindi masyadong nakakapanghinayang kasi nga di sya sobrang mahal 🙂

hhmmm medyo may nakalimutan dn pala gawing gown si farley… that was one week before the wedding. pero nahabol naman nya 🙂 hehehe… so di naman ako masyadong nastress. we got the gowns friday ata… then saturday one of my entou came to fit her gown (kasi galing pa cya bahamas) medyo maluwang yung gown, so clarice asked her messenger to bring the gown to farley… we got the gown during the wedding day na. ayos naman pagkaka adjust 🙂

ayun lang… sana nakatulong 🙂

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