Clique Booth

Clique Booth – Super Duper Highly Recommended

Clique booth rocks!!!

I had to fight tooth and nail just to get Lui to approve our budget for Clique booth. Hahaha. Kasi at first, he wasn’t very sold on the idea of having a photo booth. Baka deadmahin lang daw ng mga tao yun… But after the W@W Christmas Party, he was excited na! hehe masyado atang nagenjoy nun… kaya when I asked him if we could upgrade, go na agad cya. Bwahahaha.

Sobrang pasasalamat ko sa clique booth. I dont know what could have happened if we didnt have the clique booth. Imagine our reception being 1 hour late… aayyyy buti na lang talga nandun cya. According to clarice, when we were getting worried about the time, na sobrang nageenjoy pa naman daw ang mga tao sa clique so not to worry.

And based on feedback sobrang nagenjoy ang mga tao talaga! There was even a long queue for it! Hehehe. Who would have thought?!

And we enjoyed reading the messages of our guests in the guest book. And we enjoyed more looking at the pictures of our guests… nakakatawa yung iba. Hehehe 🙂 all the guests really went all out for the pics.

Pati nga waiters ng josiahs may picture e! hahaha buti na lang nagunlimited kami! 😀 and buti na lang mabilis magprint ang clique booth ng photos (compared to other photo booths) hihihi

I strongly recommend getting clique booth… if you have the budget. If you don’t have, make room for it! Hahaha 🙂

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