Pan Pacific Hotel

Hotel for preps and honeymoon:
Pan Pacific Hotel – Super Duper Highly Recommended

Also considered: Traders Hotel, Century Park Hotel, G Hotel

We got 2 nights in the deluxe suite and 1 night superior room. I only added P1,000 for the additional pax (my MOH) in the suite, which already includes her breakfast.

I sooo love Pan Pacific. Definitely one of the delights I had during the wedding. At first kasi Lui and I were debating between Traders and Pan Pacific. (these are the only choices we had coz we don’t want to spend so much on the hotel) Trader’s is cheaper but somehow, I had strong relunctance against the place. I don’t know… siguro I don’t like the location… (personal thing po… nothing against Trader’s).

Pan Pacific naman, I loved the hallway and lobby. Clean and smells nice. (not like Century na amoy luma na…) bsta ang bango nya! Plus the service is very very good. The location is also nice since it’s in Malate and there are a lot of things you can do! (though we werent able to maximize this since we were running around most of the time)

But the thing I loved most about Pan Pacific is the suite!! Super duper laki! As in. The sheets are clean and soft. They have 3 televisions, 1 in sala, 1 in bedroom and 1 by the bath tub! Hahaha J Basta I really love the suite. Ganda. And the airconditioning is really good. Ang lamig nga ata sobra e! hahaha J There were a lot of us in the suite that day… I think almost 30 pax or more than pa… but we didn’t feel crowded. We still had a lot of room pa nga e. The superior room is nice as well. But smaller lang nga 🙂

I knew I made the right choice when I heard Mimi say that the lighting in the bedroom is good. Hahaha I knew that was a definite must for them JAnd when I saw that elevator shot by Threelogy, wala na, sobrang na inlove na tlaga ko with Pan Pacific! 🙂

The thing that’s lacking lang is the grand lobby. The lobby is small and doesn’t have the staircase that brides are usually looking for. For me, that doesn’t mean a thing coz I really don’t mind! Hahaha 🙂

Hassle din the elevator since you have to have a card before you can make the lift go up… pero at least you know that it’s added security J Parking is also a bit of a hassle but not really that bad.

Breakfast is so-so. Edible naman and no funny tastes. Just don’t expect something like Makati Shang. You definitely wont get something like that in Pan Pacific 😀

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