Intro to Supplier Ratings :D

Been dying to post my ratings but I wanted to wait for the photos to come in from M&K so that I can post some pics na din.

I’ll try to make this as short as possible. Hehehe. Promise yan 🙂 Since all my suppliers performed well I’ll be rating them by:

1. Slightly Recommended

2. Recommended

3. Highly Recommended

4. Super Highly Recommended

5. Super Duper Highly Recommended

Instead of putting in the actual ‘damage’ I’ll just indicate corresponding $ signs to give you an idea of how much it cost us 🙂 Prices may not be applicable since most of the prices are 2006 prices.

$ below 10,000
$$ – 10,001 to 30,000
$$$ – 30,001 to 70,000
$$$$ – 70,001 to 100,000
$$$$$ – 100,001 and above

One thought on “Intro to Supplier Ratings :D

  1. hi kendz! just finished reading your supplier ratings. hehe! pwdeng pagaya ng format? hahaha! dpat mgstart narin ako mgcompose ng nobela ko. 😉

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