An Event to Remember

An Event To Remember – Super Highly Recommended

Also considered: Impromptu

I booked Clarice last March 2006 and got her full coordination package. So technically, Clarice is the supplier that I have worked with for the longest time. (sabi nga nya, almost 2 years!) hahaha

Overall, I am glad that I got Clarice and her team as our coordinator… Our wedding went by smoothly without much glitch. Her team was very professional, well-dressed and very polite. They also worked well under pressure (late kasi KFC e!). They were very efficient that you won’t notice them working, but you just know that they’re there. There were, I think, at least 6 coordinators on that day plus 2 runners.

One of the coordinators – Lucre, took care of me since after the wedding ceremony up until before the reception started. (super thank you Lucre!!! As innn.) I felt so pampered during the wedding. Kawawa nga cya kasi wherever we go, she had to be there.

During our wedding preps, we were able to get a lot of input from Clarice. As in ang kulit ko sa kanya, but she answered as much as she can… She also took care of a lot of things and we are eternally grateful for that. We were also able to get good deals with some suppliers because of her. She’s also super detailed. We would go through the same things again and again each time we met.

Thankful din ako to Clarice and her team because they helped us resolve the problems in Lui’s papers. I know they could have said no, but they still went out of their way to help us.

Si Clarice, kahit super pregnant na cya nung wedding namin and albeit the fact that she had some complications during her first tri-mester, sobrang on na on pa din cya. Kami na nga nagsasabi sa kanya na umupo na cya e. hahaha.

They kept us informed before the reception on what is going on, to keep us from panicking. hehehe.

The only thing about Clarice is that, there were times that we don’t get any feedback from her especially when we ask her to check something. There were also times when we felt that we had to push her to do something, or that we had to remind her to do something. She would always say kasi na “may time pa” or “matagal pa po wedding e”. Siguro nga minsan atat lang kami but I am the type of person kasi that wants a lot of things to be done as early as possible. I don’t like to cram kasi… Medyo matagal din sya mag reply sa mails sometimes, other times, she wont reply at all.

But as I have said, overall I am glad that Clarice was there with us during our wedding. We wouldn’t want any other coordinator

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