still waiting…

wala pa din pics… 😦 excited na ako makita! i think naka 20x na ako sa avp by threelogy and 15x naman sa slideshow nila m&k! hahaha… di naman masyadong addict no? πŸ™‚
pero i will wait for it na lang. (as if may choice hahaha)

magkwekwento muna ako before supplier ratings (which is still under process)

lui and i love eating. i think it’s one of our favorite activities! aside from watching movie, malling, playing psp…

eto lang gusto ko kwento kasi super funny (and pathetic) namin πŸ˜€

one night, lui and i went to greenbelt to meet a friend, but at the last min, he (goeffrey) had to backout because of his busy sched. so lui and i decided to go to “binalot” for dinner. it was my first time and i liked the food! not too expensive but filling still πŸ™‚ sarap nung bangus!!!

after we had our dinner… lui suddenly said “gusto ko ng squidballs” hahaha at that time i was thinking the same thing! (it was almost 8:30pm)

he said that he knows somewhere that should have squid balls but we had to walk quite far. since i was still full and im used to walking (thanks to singapore) i told him that it wont be a problem

apparently the ‘place’ is in pasay road. hehehe so we went all the way from greenbelt 1 to pasay road. but alas no squid balls 😦 but that didnt dampen our spirits… we decided to check out don bosco… so from pasay road we walked all the way to don bosco.

but again, no squid balls… the two of us, getting more desperate by the minute decided that we should go all the way… so we went to makati cinema square… where lui said he’s SURE there’s bound to be squid balls there. lo and behold… no squid balls. hahaha!

it was all so funny for us coz we walked all the way from gb1 to pasay road to don bosco and then to makati cinema square in search of food! hahaha. and to think that we just had dinner!

the funniest and most pathetic part though is that our house (lui’s actually) is soo near makati cinema square. but instead of going back to the house, we had to walk all the way back to gb1 to get our car! bwahahaha!

all this for squid balls!!! di ba halatang matakaw kami?! hehehe πŸ˜€

wala lang just want to share kahit babaw kasi sobrang classic tong nangyari na to. hahaha πŸ˜€

yun lang! πŸ˜€

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