exhaustion @ 6 days to go!

the past few days had really went by in a blur. so many things need to be done before D day… im just way past exhaustion. but im still okay. carry pa naman πŸ™‚

so far, the souvenirs, we’ve already covered. all swans are in boxes and ready to go. hehe. took us more than 3 days to finally finish everything…

we’ve already started with the kitkats. so far, based on estimate, we’re in our 200th kitkat. hehe. so we still have 100 more to go! you should have seen our work area (which is basically the floor of our entire living room!) we have strategized our work and created an assembly line! sayang lang i wasnt able to take picture coz im so tired to get up. (sakit na butt ko!!!)

we’ve also covered some of the requirements for the chinese wedding, well only the MOST important parts – dowries are in check, lantern are in place, mirror check also… i dont know what else we need. some new things just seem to pop up every day. (and i thought we were not going to have a chinese wedding!!!)

entourage also had their fitting yesterday… (sorry cant post pic now medyo mabagal kasi connection). im okay with the dresses… not as i expected it to be, but still nice na din. pwede na. πŸ™‚ will post pics as soon as i can.

first dance – we had a choreographer come in today to help us with the dance… hhmm overall, i think it’s okay… but im not too happy with it… im planning to change bits and parts of the choreography and hopefully will put in some essence of ‘candy’ into it hehe.

avp songs – God help me. since lui totally washed his hands clean of any of the decision making for the songs, im having a hard time deciding! good thing mimi suggested that they choose the song for us. surprise daw. im totally fine with that!!! i was really hoping she’d say that…

as for threelogy, i do have a list of songs na. ill send it to them soon. same thing with mimi and karl, if they have other songs in mind, ill be more than willing to give them total free reign! πŸ™‚

tomorrow, meeting with balay kandila, clarice and josiahs…

OMG… my back is killing me. i better go to sleep na! ciao πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “exhaustion @ 6 days to go!

  1. Hi Kendz! Best wishes and Congrats to Lui (kahit di kami close, hehehe!)…baka di mo na to mabasa kasi alam ko super busy ka na sa preps mo. Anyways, just enjoy every moment of it…sobrang saya ng araw na yan sayo, for sure! Syempre star of the night tayo dyan, hahaha! …wag magpastress para beauty farin! πŸ™‚

  2. hey kendz! now its just two days to go. relax na ha and don’t stress yourself too much. was thinking of finding a song for you guys but our sked wouldn’t allow it. 😦 just text me/us your shortlist and we’ll work from there. pero try ko pa din humanap. again, beauty rest na ha. πŸ™‚

  3. kendz!! la lang just wanted to congratulate you and lui πŸ˜€ mwah! may your married life be fully blessed and be absolutely blissful!

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