frustration @ 14 days to go

just when i thought that everything was going well, my mom and my sis starts refusing to talk to me.


it all started when we were distributing the invites… my mom kept wanting to invite more and more people. more than what she initially told me. and it was just getting too frustrating! my sister is mad because she’s getting caught in the middle – trying to defend my side and trying to tell me what mom wanted her to tell me. my mom is mad coz she cant get her way. i told her from the start that since we are on tight budget, we only want her to invite those that are really close to us. i pleaded that she dont invite her friends that i have hardly seen in my entire life! i thought we had an understanding… apparently not. 😦

how will i make her understand that extra invitations is NOT = to extra seats?! huhuhu

sigh i dont know what to do anymore 😦

if they still refuse to talk to me until tuesday, im going to stay in a hotel on wednesday. i refuse to go home and beg them to talk to me (which i am already doing now thru text)

and my ulcers are acting up now 😦 really is getting very frustrating.


3 thoughts on “frustration @ 14 days to go

  1. sis…take a deep will be ok..everything has its own reason/’ll be over soon din and everything will be ok..

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