relief @ 19 days to go

haven’t been able to sleep for the past two nights… i know medyo OA pakinggan pero i swear im telling the truth… i just feel like there are so many things that we still need to complete. im really feeling (and looking) stressed.

at least we’re starting to see ‘the light’ na…

saturday, we got our invites (finally). lui’s mom had to sit in Unifair’s office for three hours to wait for our invites to be done… hanep din si MIL di tlaga umalis hanggang di binibigay nila shirley yung invites namin… hihihi

the thing is, my family was supposed to pick up the invites and not MIL. so when i checked with unifair if we can get the invites na, can you just imagine the panic that i felt when he said that somebody already took the invites?! anu bahh.. super taranta kaming lahat! hahaha… weird din ang unifair, they didnt even ask for a copy of the receipt as proof. anu ba yun… what if it was somebody else who took our invites (very far-fetched, but what if?!) hay naku.

oh well, at least tapos na… stress tlaga unifair. before we got our invites they were giving us reasons like “absent ang operator e” and “nasira yung printing machine”. fine, i dont know if it’s true or not. but they should have been prepared for scenarios like that… hmm never mind na nga.

our families have also started distributing them yesterday and today… hopefully 75% of the invitations will be distributed by tomorrow. im expecting the invites here in singapore in a day or two… that’s the only time ill be able to see it. but so far, good feedback naman from mom and lui. (dapat lang no!!!)

monday, we were supposed to get our marriage license. i was waiting anxiously for clarice to sms us and tell us that she has our license na. but, bad as any luck may go, the messenger was not able to get our license coz apparently, he was held-up the previous night. so he didnt have cash for transportation so he didnt do anything that day.

tuesday, finally! michael (mr. messenger) was able to pick up our license from city hall! yipee! our license was submitted to soj na din! woohooo… another thing ticked off from our list. (now i can breathe again!!!)

now, if only we can get lui’s baptismal certificate tomorrow, as expected. hehehe

keeping fingers and toes crossed!!!

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