God is really good :)

I dont usually preach or anything, but right now, there is no other way to better explain what Im feeling right now but that… “God is really good!!”

I went into a depression stage last month (around the time of my birthday) sobrang hirap na hirap ako… i felt like nothing was going right and i was having a streak of bad luck… on my birthday, i was crying to my mom over the phone telling her how sad and miserable i am 😦 i was sooo miserable. nothing was going as expected, everything was going wrong 😦

anyway, i think that streak of bad luck has finally come to an end.

it started when my dad gave me a HUGE amount of money as my birthday/christmas/new year gift. it was awesome. he handed it to me when i went back to the phils. and i didnt use a lot of the money. i gave 10k to my mom and spent some but thats it. more than half, i deposited to my bank πŸ™‚

other than that, lui got a huge bonus… which i am really happy for him πŸ™‚ his aunt from the US also gave us our advanced wedding gift!!! it was a huge amount of money! as in huge!!! i was shocked…

then my auntie / uncle who are also our ninang / ninang for our wedding also advanced our wedding gift… grabe.. parang bumubuhos ng pera.

we vowed not to touch any of the money that was given to us. we’re going to save it for our plan of buying a house in the near future… whatever we receive as gift, we wont use for wedding expenses. we will only make do with the money that we have – that’s what lui and i agreed on πŸ™‚

oki… having said that, nothing will top this day… this is the most blessed day of my life!

for one thing, i got promoted at work!! that means more pay (as well as more work) but i dont care! i need the money and im soo glad i got it. πŸ™‚ (may pangbayad na ako ng saladmaster! hahaha) and im soo happy that somehow all the hardwork ive done was recognized πŸ™‚

aside from that, napromote na din ako sa saladmaster. eto hindi ko talga ineexpect… yun pala yung price namin for winning the christmas party presentation hahaha! πŸ™‚ grabe yaw kong bitawan yung cert ko kanina haha πŸ™‚ (bkit ako nagtatagalog? kasi ayaw ko malaman sa ofc na meron akong ginagawa on the side hahaha)

also, nakuha ko na yung commission ko! yey!!! makakatulong din yun kahit pano ha πŸ™‚

i know this might make me sound a bit ‘mukhang pera’ but heyyy… i dont mind… if this is where my luck is, then fine πŸ™‚ but if God is willing to give me blessings in other form, then i’ll be more than happy to accept it! πŸ™‚

i hope this means that my streak of bad luck has really ended… if only we get our invitations out, our marriage license and lui’s baptismal submitted, then ill be completely happy!!! πŸ˜€

3 thoughts on “God is really good :)

  1. Kendz, pautang!!!bwahahaha!!!seriously, you deserve it. You are simply kindhearted and u deserve all these blessings!God is good…all the time!

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