Hari Raya Special :)

after a long fun-filled day with mitchie and jun, karen and ritchie and steph and joel, mitch and i decided to head out to orchard for a dinner in jologs and to take some shots with my eyos and her nikki πŸ™‚ hahaha

here are some of the shots i took of the christmas lights in orchard road. ill upload the rest tom. super sleepy na ako now. ahehee…

christmas tree at paragon
metal people statues πŸ™‚

took me a looong time to finally get this shot… by accident pa! hahaha

One thought on “Hari Raya Special :)

  1. great photos, kendz!miss you na and totally can’t wait to see how your wedding turned out.posted my reviews already and some photos.*hugs* and happy holidays, dear!

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