party party party! part 1

it had been one party after another. grabe wala na tlaga diet ko… i vowed to restart my diet after my birthday (which is this Sunday *ahem* *ahem*) hahaha

the first party I went to was the W@W Christmas Party last November 23 in Fernwood Gardens. What can I say, we had a blast! (dami kasi prizes bwahahaa)…

Before the party proper, Mama Benz emailed us wawies asking who wants to volunteer to help out for the party. Ako naman, I was thinking that this is a now or never chance… who knows if I’ll still be able to go to the next party or not diba? So I made the most out of it and enthusiastically volunteered myself and lui (si lui walang kaalam alam! bwahahaha)

So as volunteers, we arrived earlier than most wawies. We got to Fernwoods at around 11am. Actually the call time was 12pm. But knowing our history of getting lost here and there, I forced lui to pick me up at 10am! hahaha… para may buffer…

When we got to Fernwoods, there were already a number of suppliers there. I saw Clarice, Ms Tisha of Balay and Eddie Bruan. Then I saw my fellow wawies… Che & Ed and Tina & Jessie, we were the early birds. hehehe…

After we had lunch c/o Josiahs, we registered and had our makeup done na for our prenups. I guess it was one of the perks of being a volunteer, since there were no people yet, we got to choose the makeup artist of our choice! of cors i chose tito eddie 🙂 2nd trial makeup kung baga… hahaha

he did a nice job… except for the hair. i really wanted sana the hair to be more natural (sayang ang fringes ko haha) kaso lang parang inisprayan lang nila ng inisprayan ng hair spray as in ang tigas!!! wah… medyo nagpanic kasi si tito eddie coz one of the coordinators kept coming to our booth and kept asking him if done na or not. ayun… hahaha pero it was okay… the makeup is nice, but i think the trial was better.

after makeup, FREENUPS! 🙂 as volunteers we were granted 11 photographers of our choice. I already had several photographers in mind for the freenups 🙂 of cors libre to dapat sulitin no! hahaha. please see previous post for some of the pictures taken by the photogs 🙂

some of the photographers who stood out for us were:

dino lara… super enjoy kami kay dino lara. may dala pang twister… kaya naman pala the first thing he said was ” ay… nakapalda. naku pag tutumblingin pa naman kita”. then he took out the twister game and I was like “oh no…” hahaha but game pa din kami of cors! 🙂

van goth… lui liked ems style… why? because she knows how to direct poses. since lui and i are not really keen on posing, it was such a relief 🙂 ang cool cool din nya 🙂 i like her style.

edwin tuyay – KWELA as in K-W-E-L-A… it was the funniest pictorial we had. hahaha as in out of this world!!! ang saya… i cant wait to get copies of the pics 🙂

metro photo – ang dami nila!!! anu ba yun… lol there were 5-6 cameras clicking away all the time. hahaha but the thing i liked about the photographer is that he takes chances and all out tlaga cya. para cyang acrobat/spiderman. hahaha

john mateos ong – cya lanag naginstruct kay lui how to smile. o diva? attention to details hahaha… he kept saying “lui ang ngipin, dapat merong ngipin… say ahhhhh”

jayson arquiza – he’s the man. hahaha sya na ata ang merong pinaka mainit na pwesto during the shooting! as in bilad sa araw! it doesnt help that the light reflected from the very shiny rolls 🙂 hay so happy that we finally got our prenups with jayson arquiza hehehe. di man cya pwede sa kasal namin, at least i have some photos from him… 🙂 and of all the photographers there, sya lang kinukulit ko hahahah! feeling close kasi ako bwahahaha. here is one of the candid shots i took.. (sorry kuya jayson, di kasing ganda nung kuha mo sa amin hehehe)

the crew photography – ay sus! ginawa kaming artista! hirap magacting!!! hahahaha… they told us to act different scenes ang hirap! di ako pang artista! hehehe but it was fun. especially the part where we get to ride Sir John’s Vespa hihi…

after the prenups (we can actually go for more than 11 photogs na but after the 11th, i surrendered. it was too tiring and i was having a migraine na. thank God for white flower hehe), lui and i went around fernwoods so that i can take some shots 🙂 ganda ng fernwoods sobrang photogenic!!! here are some shots i took …

from left to right, first row: facade of fernwoods; fernwood entrance; clarice hard at work kahit na preggy hehe; balay’s wonderful setup
second row: a very proud wawie; took hundreds more before i finally got this shot; fernwoods; fernwoods
third row: me all made up checking the picture in tito eddie’s camera; metro photo still working; clarice and bernard; fernwoods pa din
last row: makeup artists busy glamming up the wawies; the youngest wawie – kite; mother of all wawies – mama benz; fernwoods facade ulit 🙂

sorry had to resort to collage since blogger is taking a long time to upload individually.. sighs.. here’s the link to view the large sizes:

party proper:

it was so nice to see a lot of our suppliers at work during the party… josiahs, balay kandila, an event to remember, alex franco cake (yuuummmyyy!!!) and threelogy (for the live feed). super ganda ng setup ng balay kandila. parang production stage talaga! ang galing. with the lights and everything.

The food by Josiah’s is excellent!!! especially the mongolian bbq! as in i told my friends to queu even if it will take a long time! coz i know it’s worth it! 🙂

i soo enjoyed the party most especially the prizes part. hahaha we won 1 oven toaster and 1 microwave oven. the toaster because i guessed bob nicholas’ age and the microwave for having the most number of suppliers in the party. I had 8:

josiahs, clarice, balay kandila, veluz, threelogy, mimi and karl, alex franco, eddie bruan 😀 hehehe ang saya!

but the best part of the party was our very talented photographers MIMI and KARL bagging this year’s W@W Supplier of the Year Award! Wooooottt!! Kudos to you both! Sobrang sumakit yung lalamunan ko kakatili nung time na yun ahehehe … 🙂 kinilig kilig din ako sa inyo! Especially the part when Mimi said “Pwede na kaming ikasal!” Grabe that brought the house down! hahahaha… When is the kasal? 🙂 yiheeee

i would really like to thank Mama Benz and Sir John for creating the wonderful world of wawies. super sarap maging wawie. im loving everything about being a wawie! 🙂 hahaha… and of cors, thank you for the wonderful party. you’re the best tlaga!!!

thank you din to all the suppliers who made the party possible… sa lahat ng photographers, sa coordinators, sa caterers, sa waiters and waitresses, balay kandila, sa hosts, to everyone! super thank you na din in behalf of the wawies kasi you really made our day 🙂

till next year, hopefully makasama ulit ako. 🙂

2 thoughts on “party party party! part 1

  1. hi neva… sayang wala ka dun. it was a blast tlaga! sobrang sulit uwi namin ni lui 🙂 musta preps! hope everything is going well 🙂

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