im very proud to say… DLSU has won yet another UAAP title! wooot!!!

when i heard about the news yesterday (from my mom, no less) i was ecstatic and also a bit sad… i miss watching UAAP games!!! my dlsu life revolved around UAAP games. hahaha well not really, but i love the months of augoct!! i just love eet. 😀

during this time, i would just forget about accounting (eek) and just go all gaga over the games! i would even queue up at 5am just to get upper b tickets! back then Im soo happy if i get an upper B tix. much better if it’s an upper A! hehe

i remember the first championship game i watched, i was a frosh (freshmen term in DLSU) back then… i think it’s the most sulit ticket i’ve ever gotten in my 3 yrs stay in DLSU! i paid only P20 for the tix, we were at the last row of cuneta astrodome (i can hardly see anything) as in we were right there by the windows na! hahaha… but that was the craziest and most memorable game ever! DLSU vs UST. a few minutes remaining. dino had free throw shots. it went in… the game goes over time! DLSU won the game 😀 it was the BEST game ever…

another unforgettable time was when we went to school early in the morning (i think around 4 am) to get tickets… we were so worried that people might cut lines (coz from the downstairs lobby of the sports bldg, we had to take the lift to the 7th floor) that we began distributing numbers!!! it went on until early afternoon… what made it unforgettable is that we were reprimanded by the discipline office, coz they were saying that they never sanctioned such action. (hell! didnt they see that people were actually glad that somebody was taking action?) hehehe.. anyway, i was interviewed for the school newspaper… kinda like an anti-DO article for all the hassle they made the students go through… (from 7th floor, they made us go down the fire exit and wait there. grabe it was so hot and stuffy and they made us wait for an hour or so)

but you know what? after all their complains and what-nots, the DO still used our ‘numbering scheme’ to keep order in selling of tickets. o diva!! hmph!!!

but yah… those were the times. i miss watching uaap! and of cors the post-game parties!!! 😉

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