wento wento lang

been so busy for the past few weeks that i havent had time to update my blog. actually nothing much have been done for wedding preps as well, but im not worried coz i know clarice has everything covered. (plus we’ll cover a lot of grounds in aug)

anyway, i was supposed to go back to philippines in aug… but as time passed, i knew i couldnt wait that long anymore! so i booked myself tickets to go home in june. it’s just a five-days visit so im not planning to do much but to stay at home and sleep sleep sleep…

i havent gone to the gym for almost a week. usually im too busy to go or im just too darn tired. 😦

i’ve been sick for the past few days. i have a bout of gastric viral flu or something like that…

we had a wawsg eb last friday… im so glad i was able to meet my wawie friends again! i missed them so much. grabe they’re getting married one by one. kainggit hehe.

oh, it’s philip’s and cresta’s birthday today. happy birthday you guys! i miss you sooo much!

my shopping spree is officially over. i have to stop buying things or ill shop my entire salary away!!! i got two lacoste shirts (my first lacoste woohoo!), esprit shirt, levis pants, iora shirt and pants, mac makeup and a lot more! hey, it’s the great singapore sale… you can’t be on an island where everything is on sale and not buy anything right? hahaha. hala. wrong line of thinking. erase erase erase. hehe.

that’s all for now… no pics to attach. 😦 havent uploaded anything recently…

4 thoughts on “wento wento lang

  1. Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be backDeep Regards from the other side of the MoonBiby Cletus

  2. thanks Kendz! Ey! Save your shopping when I get there! Para pareho tayong bankrupt after. Hehehe. No fun na mabangkarote magisa! I miss you guys.

  3. ian, naku minsan lang ako magshopping so linulubos ko na!!! 🙂 uwi na ako bukas! woohoo!cresta! naku kelan ka ba pupunta dito? hindi na ako magshoshop. antayin na lang kita. hihihi

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