Wedding Updates

Or lack thereof…

I don’t know if I’m just being paranoid, but it seems like I have been doing absolutely nothing for our wedding. Have we really covered everything we need to cover? I doubt it… When I think of all the things that we still need to do, I start getting nervous. But what else can I do?? My very busy coordinator is still busy, as she still doesn’t reply to my emails…

Therefore, instead of just doing nothing, I have decided to go to the bridal fair on Saturday. Yes, me… I am going to a bridal fair – a thing that i thought i will never do since I have a coordinator and since I am an overseas bride. But I guess it won’t hurt to see what else is out there. To mingle around and to see if I made the right decisions. Who knows? Maybe there will be some good finds too! ;p

I’m going home (phils) on Friday and there is not one schedule alloted for wedding preps (except for the fair). Is this normal??? After this vacation, God knows when I’ll be able to go home! Breathe candy breathe.

Sigh… hopefully someday soon, there will be some updates that I can post here.

and P.S no im not becoming a bridezilla. I’m just disappointed. a bit.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Updates

  1. No Kendz, admit it… you’re slowly becoming a bridezilla! Repeat after me… I / AM / A / BRIDEZILLA!!! Hahaha!!! Jowk!Ngapala, punta dito si Ryan Jay sa April! Magkita daw kaming dalawa! ABa ang mokong eh nagpanggap pang taga Deloitte Toronto daw siya at may job offer daw ako! Akala niya maloloko niya ako? No way! Hehehe… Yun lang.

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