Til we meet again… :D

Yesterday was my last day in Deloitte and Touche…

Honestly, it was a different feeling… Last year, when I was leaving PwC, it almost broke my heart when I said my farewell to my officemates in our little area… I wanted to cry. I couldnt look the people in their eyes because I knew I was near tears already. Walking away from the office was hard.

But now, I’m actually okay… But i did feel sad saying my farewell to my friends. There are some people that I will truly miss, but since I’ll be moving a few blocks away, I can see them almost everyday!

Anyway, just wanted to share my farewell adress:

Hello everybody,
Since this is my last day here in Deloitte, I would like to thank everybody for making my stay here in DT such a memorable one. My only regret is that I didn’t get the chance to meet each and every one of you.
Please do keep in touch. You can email me at
candychu_logbi@yahoo.com or candy.y.chu@gmail.com.
Again, thank you very much. Will surely miss everybody!
Since I’ll still be around, I wont say goodbye but til we meet again. 😀
Salamat! (Thank You!)

Candy –> signing off

2 thoughts on “Til we meet again… :D

  1. I like your “signing-off” message in Cunanan better. It was more heart-felt at talagang may emotions. Kasi dito parang “for the sake” lang… hehehe… just my observation. =)

  2. hi ian, yes. mas heart-felt talaga yung sa cunanan. i had so many wonderful memories in that office… unlike sa deloitte. nuf said.

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