Wedding Updates (as posted in WaW)

I went back to Philippines last December 22. I wasnt planning to do a lot of things because it’s december and Im pretty sure that no supplier will want to meet with me. bka taasan lang ako ng kilay! hihihi…

But we did manage to get a few things done:

1. We finally signed the contract with SOJ… grabe. ang strict pala tlaga nila. as in ang daming requirements. but the lady told me that tube gown is already allowed as long as decent looking naman… but i guess its not really a problem for me since my gown wont be a tube. hehe
2. We finally finally finally saw Esplanade – sa dami ng sakit ng ulo na inabot ko dito sa venue na to, im EXTREMELY happy that the place turned out great! as in suuuuperrr ganda. nung una, i thought sobrang laki nung place. ayun pla, kalahati lang dun sa amin. hahaha. pero fair enough. maganda tlaga cya. i have some pictures. but ihavent uploaded yet (hi sis kaye!! sobrang coincidence nagkita tayo dun! hehe) check out some pics of 1E here. (taken by yours truly)
3. Clarice and Lui met – before kasi it was only me who was always bugging clarice and asking her to do some things for us… and since free si clarice on the 27th, we decided to finally meet as a group and brainstorm. back from scratch kami. as in we went over every detail for the wedding which is really nice of clarice. considering na sobrang swamped cya with work et al.
4. Namanhikan na sila Lui – it was very simple yet very intimate and touching tlaga. they brought fruits, chocolates, and lui gave me this HUGE bouquet of carnations (my favorite!) i counted 40 stems! 🙂 plus three tulips. hehe… sobrang kabado kami ni lui. pero as it turned out, mom ko and his parents lang nagusap. natatwa na lang kami sa tabi. hihi.. then we went for dinner with the Chao clan… (all of Lui’s relatives in the father side) grabe nakakkaba… syempre interview interview. but good thing is that my dad and his uncles grew up together. so medyo marami naman kaming napagusapan. hehehe

okay that’s all for now. 🙂 oh!!! we also decided to get Minstrels (strings) na din. we were choosing between band and strings kasi and after seeing the venue, i thought strings would be a better choice 🙂

oki.. sorry napahaba na ata… 🙂 yun lang! happy preps everyone!

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