Happy New Year! :)

a lot of things have happened since last year. there were triumphs, hardships, lots of overtime, new friends, realizations, proposals, and a whole lot more. looking back, it was a good year for me… and as always, no regrets for me.

my top 5 unforgettable events for 2006 are:
1. i finally moved to singapore – it was my first time to be away from my family and i am very proud that i am surviving… it was hard at first and is still hard, but im getting used to it. i am now domesticated. i know how to cook, iron my clothes and wash clothes. now i know i’ll be a good housewife. hihi
2. i joined deloitte – not everything had been bad, there were good times as well. i got to travel to malaysia, indonesia and thailand; i made new good friends; i had grown more as an auditor. so it was not all bad… but it was not excellent either. 😉
3. i got engaged – what can i say? that made my year!
4. i reached my goal! (financially) – yes. i hit my target (peso) around september or october and so darn happy about it! 🙂
5. i lost a friend – i will miss you judy. you will always be remembered.

my 2007 has started quite good as well… i have been promoted to con2 (which was something i never really expected but quite happy about. who wouldn’t be???) and i am transferring to a new firm. yes. i am moving to another firm yet again. . 😉

hopefully 2007 will be as good if not better than 2006… but what can i say? i cant wait for 2008! (in other words, cant wait to get married! hehe)

One thought on “Happy New Year! :)

  1. Congratulations on your promotion!!! Naku! Eh magreresign ka na rin naman, so wala ring effect. Di bale, magiging ka-firm naman na ulit kita eh (tama ba?), magkaka-sametime na ulit tayo!!! =)

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