my 20 sumthing bday. :)

i just celebrated my first birthday away from home. and i must say, it really feels different when you are not celebrating with your family and loved-ones. i think i miss my family more today than any other day i spent here in singapore. 😦

anyway, my day started quite late. around 10am. i can hardly sleep that night because of a bad news i got from my close friend, marge. i was intending to sleep in but aimee woke me up to tell me i had a visitor.

still disoriented and straight out of bed, i went out to greet philip. i knew it was philip because i can hear helena (his beautiful guitar) but i was surprised to see that pelo, glenda and koya were there!!! i was really dumb-founded! my hair was still sticking out and all over the place and i was still in my pjs for heaven’s sake!!! 🙂 hahaha!!!

i remembered last year’s bday when alvin and penny and my kiddies surprised me with a bday cake. i was surprised then, but this, this is a totally new level!!! koya??? 10 am??? hahaha… that was really something!

it had been a long time since i had to blow the candle, that i had to blow it twice! hahah because… i blew it at the wrong time the first time. i was so excited that i didnt wait for them to finish the bday song before i blew the candle. pelo was like “huh??? diba dapat tapusin muna kanta?” hahah. i was “ay ganun ba? sige take two.” hahaha! it was really hilarious.

then i had a small dinner party with only close friends invited. i didnt want to spend my bday with people i hardly know and to have to play host because they might feel left out. so i decided, just close friends. we had filipino food and i loved it! sarap ng lumpia! philip also made his ever famous black sambo. yum!

koya texted me “i had a great time. it was how i like it. small and private” i too had a great time… it was nice being around friends, its no substitute for family, but it rocks. 🙂

thank you to all who greeted me. im deeply touched. a lot of the people who greeted me were people from assurance that i had worked with one time or another. which makes me miss all the good times i had in pwc. hehe. thanks to you all…

my bday wish? i almost cried when i made my bday wish. my bday wish was that Judy was in a better place and that she has now joined God’s realm. I wish that she’s now at peace and happy.

We miss you Judy. You are an amazing person. We love you. 😥

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