villa escudero and then some…

lui and i have always loved travelling. in our almost two years together, we have been to so many places! we’ve been to galera, china, tagaytay, malagos park (davao) and a whole lot of more.

we figured that since we’re both going back to manila, we might as well plan a trip right? so we chose and chose and chose and finally decided on villa escudero. 🙂 hehe

i think one of the main reasons why we chose the place is because, it has a great view and lui thought that this was my chance to practice with my new camera. ooowww… sweet diba? 🙂

hehe… anyway, with a very short map/route description we got from the net, a car borrowed from my sister, my 350D, money and water, we headed out for our new adventure.

the place was beeaaautiful! 🙂 yah, it was kinda far, but i think it was well worth it. 🙂 the scenery was spectacular. we took the day tour which included a museum tour, a carabao ride, lunch by the waterfall and so much more.

here are some of the favorite shots i took:(out of the many shots i took, these are the only ones i liked! hahahah)

took this on the way to villa e. still inside the car. 🙂

tried different exposure and contrast. cant remember the setting though hahahaha

shot this with Tv mode. my favorite pic of all! 🙂 hehemr pogi with his white butt. hehehe…

lui proved to be a great companion, he was very patient even if he had to wait for me take lots of shots. oh and he’s so nice to pose for me while i tried to take different modes of shots! hehehe


on one of the nights that i was in manila, my family treated us to dinner at dampa macapagal.. woah! ang sarap tlaga. the market there is quite nice. not muddy but still smelled pungent. hehehe.. but the food was great! we ate at G squared palutuan. super sarap tlaga. especially the tempura. a must try tlaga! 🙂 hehehe. sarap. i really enjoyed that dinner. try it!!!

3 thoughts on “villa escudero and then some…

  1. when i was driving on that day…kala ko maliligaw na talaga kmi kaya it took us 3hrs papunta…pero pauwi mdyo mabilis na hehe mabagal kasi me magdrive ;)ganda ng mga shots taken by my w2b nho? 🙂 mwah! ummm…sarap nga sa dampa that was my 1st time sa place na yun… thanks nga pala kasama ko sa kain hehehe busog!>lui

  2. Yup! mabagal pa yun sa High way hehehe i thought you didn’t notice how fast my driving was… 😉 hehe peace na next time 60km/hr nalang peace po :)>>lui

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