my unofficial asian tour

sunday… came back to singapore, sad and teary-eyed, miss my family so much! unpacked my things, and repack for my two weeks stint… i found out that ill be going to malaysia for two weeks during my vacation in the phils.

i was a bit nervous because it’s the first time i will be travelling on my own… sure, my senior manager will go with me, but eventually, he’ll leave me there on my own. 😦

anyway, i’ve decided to start my own 1-2-3… 🙂 ryan has started it with his month-long project in new zealand, ian with his own countdown in the phils… so i decided to join in the bandwagon and do my own daily recollections. 🙂

let’s start with:

DAY 1: my flight was 6:30 am… so i had to get up around 4am. 😦 it’s my first time to ride SIA! hoowee! hehe nothing special, didnt have any meals aboard since it was just an hour’s plane ride. so we arrived at kl airport, headed straight to the airport train going to kl sentral. at kl sentral i was hoping that we will be taking a taxi to the city. but… we didn’t 😦 my senior manager and i took the train. wah!! and i was carrying my luggage and my laptop bag!
so, the day went on, met with the client, had several meetings, worked worked and worked… at the end of the day, i couldn’t wait to get to the hotel!!! i was dead tired. i felt like i was having a jetlag… so sleepy! hehe

the minute we got to the hotel, i thought “hmmm… not bad. but i dont think this is a five-star hotel” but when i got to my room! whoa!!! nice man!!! good thing the hotel room is great! to think ill be spending three weeks here! i soo love the bathroom! i love the pillows, the bed, and oh! the free red earth toiletries! (photo taken with my new N73. :D)

oh yes, found out ill be out of singapore for three weeks, not two but three! will be going to thailand and indonesia as well. 😦

end of day 1…

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