My surprise visit to the Phils. :)

Im back! Been to the Philippines for over a week and I had a blast! (albeit I felt that one week and 4 days is really really really not enough 😦 ). There were a lot of things that I planned to do when I went back, but there wasn’t much time… huhu so much to do, so little time!

Aside from Manila, I also went to Davao to surprise some people. First, I wanted to surprise my grandma since it was her bday and second, I wanted to surprise my fiancé just for fun. (pay back time! Bwahahaha)! My mom was with me from the start. She was my accomplice and she was the one who laid out the plan. Hehehe…

My Grandma was not surprised at all! Turns out my mom already told her… hmph! She got too excited and somehow told my grandma that I was coming. But Lui, on the other hand, is a totally different story. Talk about ‘surprised’! I think he just stared at me for over 5 seconds! Harharhar! Everyone in my family was watching out for his reaction. And he didn’t fail us, his reaction was priceless!!! Hihihihi

Anyway, after 5 days in davao… 5 blissful days of Lost season 2 and CSI season 6 marathon, I went back to Manila… 😦 I wanted to stay longer but there were also some things I had to accomplish in Manila…

Back in Manila, I was planning to do some shopping, meet up with friends and a whole lot of things… but I wasn’t able to do any of those. 😦 But I did meet up with my wedding suppliers and had so much fun! Although, at the end of the day, my pocket was already empty. I didn’t know getting married can cost a lot of money! But it’s okay… money will come and go. 🙂 ( will create a different blog for my first supplier meeting. 🙂 )

The next day, I went on a date with a very handsome man. (yuck! Harhar) His name is Nathaniel Chong, he is a la sallian, tall, handsome, rich, what else can you ask for? Oh! Did I mention he’s my cousin? Ngehehehe… we went to Mall of Asia coz I wanted to check out the place and I asked him to treat me for movie. He was also kind enough to go with me to Shrine of Jesus (that’s the church im going to be married in, but I actually haven’t seen the church in person!) he also checked out the wedding exhibit with me… Talk about SWEET. Hehe… But the best part is… he treated me for an IMAX movie!!! Let me tell you, my cousin is not the type of person who shells out money just for the fun of it, so im so touched when he did. (he even treated me for a Jollibee meal! Hehe) You guys should try IMAX. Way cool! Too bad there are only two movies showing…

Also met up with my kiddies in the office and the Final Four of the SCQ Batch 1… We planned a surprise for our Grand Questor Emil Manalo. Hehehe We gave him a trophy and a blowup picture of our Galera escapade. I really do miss them… I wont forget the two and a half wonderful years that I spent with you guys!! Ian, grabe, as I’ve told you when we were parting ways, I really really will miss you… 😦 ayan nalungkot na ulit ako… Van! Good luck! Kaya mo yan. Just a few more months and you’re off to a much better place. Emil, hang on friend. You’ll have your turn. For now, just enjoy being an AM. Iba na tlaga. Sabi nga ni rap rap, ibang level ka na. 🙂 Cannot reach na. hehe

For the other days that I was in Manila, I basically spent them with my mom and my dog… I really miss them so much. If I could just stay home and spend quality time with them, I would…
Okay… I think this blog is long enough… I can imagine how long my next blogs will be! As of the moment, I am in Crowne Plaza KL’s lounge. Finishing this blog. 🙂 I’m unofficially on an Asian tour. Hehe more on that on the following blogs. 😉

3 thoughts on “My surprise visit to the Phils. :)

  1. actually i stared at u for around 10 seconds… grabe! nagulat ako… hehehe tuloy sa shock ko nasabi kong…. hehehe mwah! love u… miss you so much hope.. we could plan things the way we wanted… miss you >>>lui

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