my birthing story


Finally writing about my son’s birth story. Yes, it took more than two years, but better late than never right??? 😀

Last 5 December 2012, my husband and I decided to put up our Christmas tree. I was 39weeks then. I didn’t feel anything unusual, but I felt really tired and I sat down for most part of the Christmas tree building process.

6 December at around 2 am, I woke up for my regular 2am bathroom break. Still didn’t feel anything unusual then. But when I went back to bed at around 3am, I started feeling strong back aches that came and went. It felt similar to the back pains you get when you’re having your period. I didn’t even think that I was having contractions… not until I went back to the toilet and found blood on my undies. I knew then that I was having contractions and that it was time to go to the hospital. (I learned during our birthing class that one of the reasons to go to the hospital is when you see blood) I woke my hubby up and told him that I was taking a bath and we need to go to the hospital soon. (good thing our hospital bags were packed and ready to go). So after a quick shower for both of us, we were off to the hospital.

But before leaving the house, I texted the following people: my OB, our selected pedia and our birthing photographer, to let them know that we’re on our way to the hospital 😀

We arrived at St. Luke’s Global at around 4:30am, we went directly to the delivery room, as instructed by my OB. I was quickly admitted and was ushered to a High Risk Pregnancy Unit room. HRPU rooms are more expensive than going to a normal labor room, but I preferred to go to an HRPU room so that my husband can stay with me throughout my labor.

The resident OB checked and I was 3cm dilated at that time, and baby was not yet engaged. Was told to rest first, while they wait for my OB’s instructions.

At around 5am we started texting our family to let them know that I was already in the hospital. By that time, my OB already told me to stay in the hospital as I might give birth soon. So the waiting game started.

But by 6am, I was super hungry! Hahaha. I had to text my OB to ask her if I can eat as I was really really really hungry. She told me to wait another hour and if my labor doesn’t progress, then yes, I can eat. At around 7am, the resident OB performed another IE and noted that I was still at 3cm and gave me the go signal to have a light meal. YEHEEYYY!!!

From 8am to 9am, nothing much happened aside from calling our relatives and updating them with what is happening. Doctors and nurses came in our room from time to time to check on me. At this point, my contractions were getting stronger but it was still tolerable. It was painful but not TOO painful.

Around 9am, I was starting to drift off to sleep when I felt water gushing out from you know where. Initially, I thought I was peeing in my sleep but when I tried to hold it in, I couldn’t. I knew then that my water just broke. We immediately called the nurse and as I stood up to go to the toilet to wash up and change undies and pads,  more water came out. There really was no way of holding it in!!! I even tried squeezing my legs together but the water just kept coming out. :p

When I finally got to the toilet, I saw that my water had a greenish tint. I knew it was NOT a good sign. I learned in birthing class that a greenish discharge meant only one thing – meconium stain. So we immediately told the resident OB and she confirmed this. At this point I am still at 4cm and baby has not even engaged yet.

They called my OB and reported the situation. My OB then called me and calmly told me that I had to go for an emergency c-section because: 1. Well, because of the meconium stain and the risk of baby digesting poop; 2. The baby is getting stressed inside the womb.

When I heard this, I couldn’t help but cry. I really wanted to give birth the normal way. But at the same time, I had to think about the baby’s health as well. I sadly told her to go ahead with the c-section.

So from 10:00 to 10:30am, they started prepping me for the operation. My contractions were getting stronger and I had to hold my husband’s hand during some of the contractions. I also had to tell the nurses to stop poking me with needles when the contractions came in. :p It was a fun laboring experience though as my husband kept entertaining me with silly antics and jokes.

10:30am, they were wheeling me in the operating room with my husband beside me. Then the anesthesiologist administered the epidural and in a few minutes, the operation started. I remembered that I had a hard time breathing when the starting pushing on my stomach (i guess it’s because liam was still too high and they needed to push him downwards for my OB to get him). it was awful. i complained to Lui that it was painful and it felt like someone crushing my heart. Good thing my husband was there to hold my hand and to comfort me. ❤

Finally, at 11:18am, my son was out! I couldn’t help but cry when I heard him crying. It was such a relief to hear him cry and know that he is okay. I glimpsed a head full of hair and a cute looking baby (yes I am biased). They cleaned him up and brought him to me to see.




My husband was also able to hold him. It was a sight to behold as it was actually my husband’s first time to ever hold a baby! And he looked so uncomfortable. hehehe


All in all it was an easy pregnancy and a not too bad delivery. I did get nauseous because of the food I had around 7am plus the epidural, but all in all it was a good birthing experience. I am also grateful that I let my friend Benz, talk me into getting a birthing photographer. It was one less thing to worry about – I didn’t have to think about whether my husband is getting any good pictures or not. Plus, my husband was not busy taking pictures and can concentrate on comforting me. ❤

Some of the things that went wrong though: my pedia didn’t initiate unang yakap. Because of the meconium stain, they had to observe my son closely in fear that he might have digested poop and might be aspirating. They also brought him to the NICU so I wasn’t able to nurse him in the recovery room. The next time I saw him was already at 6pm!  I really think that these events contributed to my not-so-smooth breastfeeding journey (story to follow) and I am determined to have a better experience this time around!

Well, that’s it. Hahaha at least I was able to post my eldest’s birthing story before #shobepanb came out! hahaha.

Oh and here’s the slideshow created by Regina >>>

Thanks for reading! 😀


Positive Discipline – my key take-aways

One of the most stressful part of being a mom (for me), is paving the path to the right direction for my son. I always second guess myself, wondering if  I’m doing things right. What if I’m not doing a proper job and my son turns out to be a bully, a delinquent or worse, a criminal! Yes, I’m that paranoid. hahaha.

I know that for Liam to grow up into a decent man, I need to do my job to discpline him, starting at a young age. But then, that leaves me wondering, how should I discipline him? Should I use an iron fist to discipline ? But he might resent me for that. Should I be more lenient? But leniency may result to rebellion. And so on and so forth. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have indeed hit / smacked Liam a couple times before out of sheer desperation and exhaustion. But it always left me feeling bad, really bad that I’ll keep kissing him while he sleeps and wishing that I can take it all back. I also have a problem of detaching emotion. Usually when I hit him, I am already at my boiling point – which is a bad combination. Anything can go from bad to worse at the blink of an eye. So I’ve been thinking that handing out corporal punishment is not really my thing and I want to try another approach. 

So when n@wie / friend jenny (of chronicles of a nursing mom) posted in n@w about positive disciplining, it immediately got my attention. And I immediately signed up for the orientation / class when Jenny said that she is organizing one for nawies. Before going to the class, I downloaded and read the PDF version of the book. (You can download it here for free)

The 1-day orientation was designed and being facilitated by Save the Children. My key take-aways from the orientation are:

  • Positive discipline is based on children’s rights to healthy development, protection from violence and participation in their learning. It is the parents’, and the people around the child, to provide a healthy environment for him to develop to his potential. 
  • Physical punishment causes kids to develop higher verbal and physical aggression. It also causes children to close up and not share / talk to parents. 
  • Corporal punishment may be physical or verbal. I was surprised to learn that “time outs” or “face the wall” may be considered as corporal punishments!
  • Corporal punishment does not solve the problem. It might make your child stop what they are doing (which is what you want) but it doesn’t stop them from doing it again in the future. Or worse, they will just figure out how to do it without you finding out the next time!
  • The building blocks of positive discipline is built on: 1. identifying long term goals (what you want your child to become); 2. Provide warmth and structure; 3. Understanding how your child thinks or feels;  4.Problem solving.
  • Warmth is important – loving, holding, hugging, giving affirmations, these are basic things that you can do to provide “warmth” to your kids. 
  • Positive disciplining is neither permissive nor dictatorial. It’s about setting rules and limits that are acceptable to parent and child. Open communication is very important. It is important to listen to your child’s point of view as well. 
  • Children have their own temperaments. It is our responsibility as parents to understand our child’s temperament and set structure based on this. Basically, nothing is one size fits all. 

I have to admit, it’s not easy. I have a loooonggggg way to go before I can say I am successful at positive disciplining. 

the first in 14 months

dearest liam cedric,

i’ve been meaning to post more often but for some reason, i had a hard time thinking of where to start. there are just so many things i want to write to you and about you. i promise to catch up and blog as often as i can. i really NEED to write about your birthing story, our breastfeeding journey, your first year, before i completely forget.

it’s your 14th month today! time really flew by. you had a photo shoot last saturday and when i saw the proofs, that’s when it hit me – you’re not a baby anymore! i do miss those days when you were still little and i can carry you around the whole day. nowadays, we can hardly get any cuddle time with you. but it’s also fun seeing you strut and play.

the other day, we were playing when out of the blue, you took your cup and gave mr lion a drink. i nearly cried from joy! you’re pretend playing. oh my heart! you surprise us a lot these days.


you are such an endearing child… you’re not as affectionate as i hope you’d be, but i guess that’s what makes every kiss and hug all the more special 🙂 there are days when i come home and you’d rush to the door and hug my legs or days where you’d ask me to follow you to your playroom so you can nurse (those are my favorite!) and then there are days when you completely IGNORE me! hahaha but i’m learning that we can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. i think you got that from me.

well son, i’m a bit rusty and my mind can’t seem to think what else to write, so i’ll stop here for now. :p

we love you liam. more and more each day.



trial makeup for maternity shoot (need your feedback)

hi you!

need your feedback 🙂 we’re having our maternity shoot with stork studio this saturday and i decided to do my own makeup… the thing is, i don’t have much experience with studio shoots so im not too sure what type of makeup i should wear.

this is how i’m planning to wear my makeup:Image

what do you think? some friends already suggested that i add more blush and use a slightly darker lip color as the studio lights might wash the color off.

any other advice / suggestions? 🙂

thanks in advance!!!


birthing class with Rome Kanapi – highly recommended!

we just graduated from our birthing / lamaze class with Rome Kanapi last October 7.  and i must say it’s one of the best “investments” we made for this pregnancy. it was really fun and we learned a lot of things!

there were a total of 6 sessions (4 hours each session) which covered topics ranging from maternal anatomy & nutrition, prenatal stretching (which i loveeed), signs of labor, preparation of birth plan, breathing techniques, delivery of baby, breastfeeding and baby care.

i liked how the class was conducted. it was more of an “open forum” class where everyone can raise questions and share thoughts / knowledge but at the same time, there is a class outline being followed.

hubby is also happy with the class. his favorite was the last session which was on baby care 🙂 our baby will be the first baby that he’ll carry and just the thought of it scares him. but now i think he’s “ready” or so he says 😉

i highly recommend the class especially to first time parents. it really gave us a better idea on what to expect and possibly on how to deal with the pain (hopefully ill remember to apply what i learned in class when the time comes teehee). it’s also a good way to get your hubby involved with your pregnancy! it’ll make him appreciate you more, knowing the aches and pains that you are going through and will go through!

here’s hubby putting on lampin on the dummy baby 🙂

and here he is, carrying the baby – ready for breastfeeding lol

here are Rome’s details:

tel: 436-1757

mobile: 0917-5415114


each class costs P4,600 which is good for two people.

well that’s all for now. hoping everybody is having a great day! 🙂




review: bioderma sensibio h20 (sensitive skin)

POST UPDATE (October 10, 2012): this is now available at digital traincase for only P1200!!! get yours now! only 36 bottles left (got 3 bottles for myself)

original blog posted on Feb 8, 2012:

last December when we went to Hong Kong, one of the things that i got was the bioderma sensibio h20 micelle solution. i have heard raves about this especially from makeup gurus in youtube – so i decided to give it a try.

what it is, is basically a makeup remover in a water based form.

here’s the product description from the BIODERMA website:

• At the cutting edge of innovation, BIODERMA has pioneered micellar solutions. Specially formulated for sensitive, normal to dry skins, the Sensibio H2O micelle solution gently cleanses face and eyes. It removes water-resistant make-up.
The micelles contained in its formula effectively micro-emulsify impurities while maintaining the skin’s balance (soap-free, physiological pH).
• Soothing and decongesting active ingredients prevent the feelings of irritation often caused by cleansing.
• Sensibio H2O guarantees excellent cutaneous and ocular tolerance (tested under ophthalmological supervision).

i’ve been using it since December and i must say that this is really one of THE best makeup removers around! i’ve tried all sorts of makeup removers (lancome, chanel, bobbi brown, kiehls, shu uemura) but this by far, is my favorite! HG product indeed.

why? first and foremost – it’s NOT oil based. i hate oil-based makeup removers because the oil tends to migrate to my eyes! oil based removers tend to have their perks – it gets the job done especially in removing waterproof makeup. but this BIODERMA sensibio h20 does exactly that! sans the oil. iiiii loooveeee it!!!!

i got 2 boxes of the 3pc set from watsons hong kong. the set came with 3 bottles in different sizes – a travel size, a 250ml and a 500ml. im sorry i forgot how much it is but i think it’s approximately P1500-P2000. sorry i really forgot to keep the tag.

here’s a road test of the product so you see exactly what i mean:

clean cotton wet with bioderma

crazy looking lady hahaha was trying out different eyeshadows last night 😛 i had on urban decay eyeshadow and mac blacktrack fluidline.

ze cotton after the “clean up”

the result. good eh? i just pressed the cotton on my eyelid and gently wiped my makeup away. this is just with one wiping!

what i like:

– it really really really removes even the toughest / most waterproof makeup

– a little goes a long way

– it doesnt leave any residue on my skin

– it doesnt make my skin feel dry / irritated. totally not harsh on the skin!

– no pulling of the skin required!!! you just need to gently wipe with a cotton to get the job done

– works on everything – eyes, face and lips

what i don’t like:

– not available in the philippines 😦

– the price is a bit steep but i think this bottle will last me at least 6 months!

mrskendz verdict: *****

truly one of the best makeup remover i have ever tried. i will definitely repurchase everytime i go to singapore or hong kong! will stock up on this for sure! 🙂

it’s positive! :)

let me share how we actually found out that i am pregnant. i want to blog our experience in hopes that in the future, our son will read this and will find it interesting as well. 🙂

so here goes…

my last menstrual period (LMP) started on 7th march 2012.  my OB told us to test on the 4th of April to find out if we were successful or not.

FYI – April 2 is my mom’s birthday and April 4 was my dad’s… since we planned a ‘grand’ party for my mom’s 60th birthday (with wine, lechon, huge cake and the whole shebang), i wanted to make sure that i wasn’t pregnant – didnt want to risk drinking while pregnant. (plus im a pee on a stick addict so i usually take a couple of tests days before my period is due lol)

so early morning of april 2, i tested and it was negative. i didnt really feel sad or disappointed then because i thought it might be too early to test anyway… so i just put aside the test kit and planned to throw it out after taking my bath…

a few hours later (around noon actually), i went back to throw the stick out and as i was about to, i hesitated… i thought i saw a hint of a second line! it was verrrryyy faint but it was definitely there! i went straight to my sister and to my husband to show them the result and to get confirmation that there was indeed a faint line. this has NEVER happened before.

i began researching and checking what this meant and i was beginning to get hopeful because everything i read seemed to point to a YES – POSITIVE. i also consulted some friends and they confirmed there is a faint line! (although a few warned me to be careful because usually a faint line meant that the fetus was not implanted properly – whether this is true or not, i dont know…)

i took several more tests during the day (yes i was THAT excited) but decided to keep mum about this first. we wanted to BE sure before we shared the news with my mom and other relatives.

so we went to my mom’s bday celebration. just to be on the safe side, we substituted all the alcoholic beverages with chamdor – a non-alcoholic sparkling grape drink. no one was the wiser :p i was about ready to burst with the news but i kept it in.

i decided to tell my mom before the day ends… thought it would be a great gift for her!  so after the party, the three of us (sis, hubby and me) went around manila to find an open pharmacy (since it was almost midnight) to buy more pregnancy test kits. lol remembering that night makes me want to laugh! my sister, wearing a very nice red dress ran to buy a test kit from a small dingy pharmacy. she told us later on that people actually stared at her while she was buying haha maybe they thought SHE was pregnant? hihihi…

anyway, as soon as we got home, i tested again… i know you’re supposed to test with the first morning urine but my theory is, if the result gets darker as the day progresses then it doesnt matter anymore! :p so tested and got this result within a few minutes:

since it was darker than the first test i took that day, i was more confident in telling my mom. so we went to my mom’s room and i showed her the test kit. she was stunned! lol she was speechless for a few seconds and i think she said something in the line of “oh buntis ka na ingat ka lagi” (oh you’re pregnant now you have to be more careful). lol but i know she was happy with the news. i can see it in her face 🙂

the following day… i texted my OB and sent her a pic of the test result. she suggested that i go for a beta HCG test to confirm my pregnancy… so on that same day, hubby and i went to st lukes for the test. we waited a couple of hours and finally got the result. it’s confirmed. im pregnant!!!!!!!!

4th April – we went to visit my dad’s grave… i brought my positive test kit and showed it to him – told him that this was my birthday gift to him as well and i was sad that he won’t be able to see his grandchild. i was crying so hard. i think i scared my hubby a bit :p (sharing: as we were about to leave my dad’s grave, a pregnant cat approached us! i don’t know if it was a sign or a coincidence but i took it as good omen. i felt so happy i gave the cat food to eat)

after visiting my dad’s grave we went straight to my OB for my first prenatal checkup! 😀 wooohooo can’t believe that we are finally pregnant and due on december 12 (121212)! i was so proud and happy, i wanted to tell everyone who would listen that i was pregnant lol. we actually posted in FB on the same day 🙂 we just couldn’t wait to hit the 14 week mark, i just had to announce it! 😀

finding out i was pregnant for the first time really was one of the most unforgettable moments in my life. 🙂

ohhh and since im a worry wart and i worry about the pregnancy so much, i took several more tests to re-confirm that my pregnancy was progressing well. LOL

so that’s it 🙂 hope you found this post interesting. and if you have your story to share, please dont forget to comment below. i would LOVE to read about it! 🙂



our conception story…

as i still have 10 weeks to go before D-day, i thought i’d share my conception / pregnancy story – before epidural messes up my brain hehe.

hubby and i had been married since january 2008 but we decided (or i decided) that we would wait a few years before we try to get pregnant. we wanted to enjoy our “honeymoon period” and we wanted to wait for the right time… and that “right” time came around 2011. we were finally ready!

but i guess my body was not… it wasn’t as easy as we hoped it would be! it took us around 7-8 months before we got pregnant. yes, i know our conception story and what we went thru is NOTHING compared to other couples, but that doesn’t make it less trying and less depressing.  every time i tested negative, i wanted to cry and give up! we did consult an OB-GYN and i believe she played a huge part in our conception story.

warning: the following might be a bit TMI (too much info), but i want it to be as detailed as possible in hopes that it help other couples who are also TCC (trying to conceive).

what we did:

1. i had several rounds of clomid  – i think maybe 2 to 3 rounds, i can’t really remember now. but since clomid was making my uterine lining thin out, i had to take duphaston as well to help counteract the effects of clomid. if not, the egg will have nowhere to cling to. the clomid helped becuase i was producing 1-3 follicles (or eggs) each month but for some reason, we were still getting negative results. finally, my OB decided to switch to femara. my hopes went up because based on my research there was a higher success rate for those TCC with femara than with clomid. i think i had around 3 rounds with femara.

2. we had to go to our OB every month for follicle monitoring – that is, to check if around the 11th to 13th day of my period, my body was actually producing follicles for ovulation. basically, no follicle = no egg = no pregnancy. the follicle monitoring was done thru a procedure called a transvaginal ultrasound and though not painful, i still felt ‘intruded’ each time. 😦

3. i had HCG trigger shots every month, except on the month that i actually conceived, to help my body to ovulate and to release the egg/s for conception. my OB didn’t give me a shot on that last month because she had a theory that i was actually ovulating later than we thought… so giving me a shot on the 12th or 13th day won’t help. so she told me that we’ll try ovulating naturally… and i guess it worked 😉

4. hubby also went thru a sperm count analysis on our 6th or 7th month of trying… and he passed with flying colors. actually our OB called him a ‘superman’ because his sperm count was off the charts (it was a LOT!).

aside from the medical help we got from our dear OB, i also did TONS of research on how to boost our fertility the natural way. some of the things i learned were:

a. charting your menstrual cycle really helps. keep track of your period, the length of your cycle and your symptoms during ovulation.

b. eating pineapple (especially the core)  from your ovulation day to the day your period is due can help with implantation

c. vitamin E helps… my friends from SG actually suggested that we take Nature’s Way Vitamin E each day, i guess it helped because after the first month of taking it, we got pregnant!

d. have fun – doing the deed on a prescribed scheduled time and day takes away the fun and added to the stress. so try to make it as fun as possible for both of you. (i wont go into details here lol)

e. praying – we went to St. Jude every week to pray for a blessing. and as always, he heard our prayer.

we finally got our good news and one of the biggest blessing in my life in April 2012… that story, on how we found out and everything, ill save for another post 🙂

hope you found this post informative! if you have more tips, please feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂



new and improved blog :D

hi all!

i have finally decided to merge my two blogs (mrskendz and kikaykendz), although i decided to keep mrskendz because i’ve used that name longer 🙂 the main reason for doing so is that i found it hard to manage two blogs… this way, i just need to monitor / blog in 1 site. 🙂 i also finally decided to get my own domain –

i will be blogging more frequently (if time permits) and will be posting about my pregnancy story (yes im pregnant! 30 weeks to be exact hehe) as well as things i’ve learned during this pregnancy.

of course, i will still be posting about kikay/beauty stuff just coz im still addicted to all things beautiful :p

hopefully you’ll support this blog as much as you supported my two older ones! thanks!!! 🙂



NOTD March 18

I went to dashing diva earlier to get my nails done (finally!)

I like dashing diva. Im amazed at the number of concoctions that they apply to the nails. Plus i love the fact that the tools they use are sterilized prior to every use! Fast service too! The only downside is, a lot of times, it’s fully booked. So your safest bet is to book in advance.

I opted to try one of the newest nail polish i got from rustans essences – deborah lippmann’s bad romance. And i must say i really really like it! I dont have anything quite like it.

I like the chunky glitters! So happy i got this color. Although a bit pricey 😦 will post an update on how long it lasts on my nails 🙂



Hope everyone had a great weekend!

xo, kendz